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Ammonium molybdate micronutrient New

Ammonium molybdate micronutrient

Ammonium molybdate is an odourless crystalline compound. It is used as an analytical reagent to meas..


Borax ( Boron ) - Micronutrient - Boron 10.5%

BoraxBorax, also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate,..


Coffer M-50 Micronutrient Powder

Coffer M-50 is a multi micronutrient mixture in powder form . It is 100% Water soluble ideal for spr..



Copper Sulphate is available in both crystals as well as powder . Copper is mostly used in Citrus an..


Cotmax - Micronutrient spray for Cotton

Cotmax - Micronutrient spray for Cotton CropCotmax : A perfect blend of all micronutrient in right p..

Cotton-Forty New


Cotton Forty Micronutrient for cottonFor all type of crop, Fruit, Vegetable, and FlowerDose- 2 to 3 ..



Ferrous SulphateFerrous Sulphate  : FeSo4Ferrous Sulphate Hepta is available in Crystal and pow..



Fertiliq Micronutrient sprayFertiliq :Fertiliq is a popular multi-micronutrient spray suitable for a..


Microhume - Humic Acid Formulation with Complete Micronutrients

Microhume - Humic Acid Formulation with Complete Micronutrients Microhume is a quality Hum..


NanoFerrous - Chelated Ferrous -Amino Acids Base Ferrous-Iron Chelate Fe- 12%

Nano–Ferrous(Amino acids base Ferrous Chelate,Fe- 12%)Causes of iron deficiency :iron is present in ..


NanoMagnesium - Chelated Magnesium -Amino Acids Base Magnesium Chelate Mg- 6%

Nano– Magnesium (Amino acids base Magnesium Chelate, Mg- 6%) Magnesium deficiency in the soil ..


NanoZinc - Chelated Zinc -Amino Acids Base Zinc Chelate Zn- 12%

NanoZinc ( Amino Acids Base Zinc Chelate, Zn- 12%) Zinc deficiency is caused due to unfavorable..

Nutrimax- Micronutrient Mixture Powder New

Nutrimax- Micronutrient Mixture Powder

Nutrimax is a perfectly blended micronutrients powder containing all the vital micronutrients . Appr..


Sampurna Gold

Sampurna Gold Micronutrient MixIt contains Balanced Micronutrients that are essential for the plants..



Soyagrow Micronutrient for SoyabeansFor all types of Crop, Fruits, Vegetables, and FlowersDose- 2 to..