Semi Automatic Filter

  • Body Made Of Special Chemically Bonded Polymer For Durability.
  • Non Corrosive SS-316 Stainless Steel Filter Mesh. 
  • Easy To Install & Low Maintenance. 
  • Cleaning Of The Filter Must Be Done When Pressure Differential Across The Screen Reaches 0.5kg/cm² (7psi) Or When The Pressure Indicator Red Button Pops Up. 
  • Cleaning The Semi-Automatic Filter Must Be Done While The Filter Is Under Pressure. 
  • Open The Drain Valve Gradually. 
  • Rotate The Handle Gripper In Clockwise Direction 4-5 Times And Then Rotate In Anti-Clockwise Direction To Finish The Process. This Is This Is To Be Done Online When The System Is On. 
  • Close The Valve Gradually. 
  • In Case The Filter Is Still Clogged (Pressure Indicator Button Is Up.) Repeat The Above While The Downstream Valve Of The Filter Is Closed. 

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  • Model Semi Automatic Filter
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