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Actiwet 90+ Agro Surfactant New

Actiwet 90+ Agro Surfactant

Actiwet 90+ : A unique Agro SurfactantActiwet 90+ is a Non-Ionic Spray Adjuvant for all spraysIt is ..

Agrophos - Micronitrient Mixture New

Agrophos - Micronitrient Mixture

Agrophos -  Micronitrient Mixture for Soil ApplicationIt contains all the micronutrient element..

Ammonium molybdate micronutrient New

Ammonium molybdate micronutrient

Ammonium molybdate is an odourless crystalline compound. It is used as an analytical reagent to meas..


Coffer M-50 Micronutrient Powder

Coffer M-50 is a multi micronutrient mixture in powder form . It is 100% Water soluble ideal for spr..

Cotton-Forty New


Cotton Forty Micronutrient for cottonFor all type of crop, Fruit, Vegetable, and FlowerDose- 2 to 3 ..

Mahaveer For Worms New

Mahaveer For Worms

Mahaveer For WormsDoes- use 1.5 to 2 ml per liter of water mixed with Mahaveer  on 1 st spray&n..

Nutrimax- Micronutrient Mixture Powder New

Nutrimax- Micronutrient Mixture Powder

Nutrimax is a perfectly blended micronutrients powder containing all the vital micronutrients . Appr..

RoseFert ( Rose Mix ) - Rose Fertiliser New

RoseFert ( Rose Mix ) - Rose Fertiliser

Rose fert is multi micronutrient mixture powder specially formulated for flower plants.Special effec..


Sampurna Gold

Sampurna Gold Micronutrient MixIt contains Balanced Micronutrients that are essential for the plants..


Shree Shakti Soya - Soybean Seeds

Shree Shakti Soya is a premium Quality Soyabean seeds .Its one of the highest yielding variety of So..

Sticko - Agro Sticker New

Sticko - Agro Sticker

Sticko - Agro StickerSticker : Spreader-stickers are adjuvants added to the spray mix, intended to h..

White Wash New

White Wash

White Wash for whiteflyDoes- use 1.5 to 2 ml per liter of water mixed with White Wash  on ..