Plant Growth Regulators (PGR)

Plant Growth Regulators (PGR)

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Amino Gold - Amino Acid Based Premium Plant growth Regulator

Amino Gold - Amino Acid Based Premium PGR Amino Acid acids are required by plant to synthesize ..


Black Gold (Sea Weed Based ) Premium Plant growth regulator

Black Gold (Sea Weed Based ) Premium PGR - Plant Growth RegulatorBlack Gold is a Perfect Seaweed Bas..


Choota Bheem - Premium Bio Plant Stimulant

Chota Bheem :A Super Biostimulant For All CropsContents - Blend of Vitamins & Amino acidsModern ..


Dr. Fruit - Fruit setter for Agriculture

Dr Fruit is the best available organic stimulant for increasing the fruits . It increases the f..


Dr. Root Gibberellic Acid (Licensed PGR)

Dr. Root is an ideal formulation for vigorous growth of roots . Dr Root contains gibberellic ac..


Nitroking (Flowering Agent ) for all Crops

Nitroking :  Flowering Stimulant, Yield Booster and plant Guard.Contents - Nitrobenzene 20 % w/..


Sultan - Premium Plant growth promoter

Sultan - Premium Plant growth promoterWe supply 100% pure, natural, organic and herbal agro products..