Paracron-Profenofos 50%EC Insecticide

Paracron-Profenofos 50%EC Insecticide

Paracron- Profenofos 50 % EC

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Common name profenofos (BSI, E-ISO, (m) F-ISO, ANSI, ESA)
IUPAC name O-4-bromo-2-chlorophenyl O-ethyl S-propyl phosphorothioate 
Chemical Abstracts name O-(4-bromo-2-chlorophenyl) O-ethyl S-propyl phosphorothioate 
CAS RN [41198-08-7] EEC no. 255-255-2 Development codes CGA 15 324 (Ciba-Geigy) Official codes OMS 2004 

Composition Tech. is ³98%. Mol. wt. 373.6 M.f. C11H15BrClO3PS Form Pale yellow liquid, with a garlic-like odour. B.p. 100 ºC/1.80 Pa V.p. 1.24 ´ 10-1 mPa (25 ºC) (OECD 104) KOW logP = 4.44 (OECD 107). Henry 1.65 ´ 10-3 Pa m3 mol-1 (calc.) S.g./density 1.455 (20 ºC) (OECD 109) Solubility In water 28 mg/l (25 ºC). Readily miscible with most organic solvents. Stability Relatively stable under neutral and slightly acidic conditions. Unstable under alkaline conditions; on hydrolysis, DT50 (calc.) (20 ºC) 93 d (pH 5), 14.6 d (pH 7), 5.7 h (pH 9). pKa No dissociation constant between pKa 0.6 to 12 F.p. 124 °C (EEC A9) 

Biochemistry Cholinesterase inhibitor. The separate optical isomers, due to the chiral phosphorus atom, show different types of insecticidal activity and ability to inhibit acetylcholinesterase (H. Leader & J. E. Casida, J. Agric. Food Chem., 1982, 30, 546). Mode of action Non-systemic insecticide and acaricide with contact and stomach action.

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